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Start Investing With Notes

Groundfloor Notes are similar to publicly issues, non-traded secured debt with a set date repayment term. This makes them an attractive option for investors who are looking for a predictable source of income. With yields significantly higher than Treasury Bills, Groundfloor Notes is an ideal way to diversify your portfolio and ensure short-term stability.

Why choose notes?

Benefits of real estate note investing

Buying a real estate note might just be the ticket to investing short and long-term success. There are countless benefits for savvy investors, including the potential for impressive returns when you invest with Groundfloor. So why not consider adding real estate notes to your investment portfolio? The rewards could be well worth the effort. Notes was made for everyday real estate investors with guaranteed returns.
The main benefits of real estate note investing:
Imagine earning money without breaking a sweat or being tied down to a desk. That’s exactly what happens when you invest in real estate notes. Unlike other forms of real estate investing, you don’t need to worry about managing properties or fixing leaky faucets.

Once you’ve made the initial investment, the cash flow is hands-free, giving you the freedom to pursue other ventures or simply relax. Make your money work for you by jumping into the world of real estate where you can become the bank!
Looking for a secure investment that won’t be affected by market fluctuations? Real estate notes are exactly that!

Unlike stocks and bonds, which can be unpredictable, real estate is a physical asset that will always have value. Invest with confidence and know that your money is backed by real property through Groundfloor.
Ever wanted to be a bank? By becoming a note buyer with Groundfloor, you can help provide loans to property owners and receive generous payments in return.

Say goodbye to puny pitiful interest rates from your standard saving account, and hello to the potential for impressive returns. Your money will be hard at work and you’ll be reaping the rewards.

What They Offer

What groundfloor notes can do for you?

With Groundfloor Notes, we’ve combined the benefits of savings and investing into one convenient investment experience. And the best part: now it’s available to all investors, both accredited and non-accredited, giving everyone a chance to get in on the action.

Initially launched as a beta product in response to market volatility during the Covid-19 pandemic, Groundfloor Notes is available to all investors and is the perfect complement to our already popular flagship real estate investment product, Groundfloor LROs.Each Groundfloor Note offers different rates, term lengths, and minimums. This allows you to choose the investment that best suits both your needs and your goals.

New Groundfloor Notes investment options release each month. To view our current offering and make your investment, visit your Investor Account and select Notes.