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Invest in real estate

It's never been easier to start investing in your future! Start earning 8%–15% with just a few clicks.

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Real Estate Investing — Now For Everyone

  • Built for everyday real estate investors
  • Accredited and non-accredited welcome
  • Historic 10% returns
  • No fees to invest
  • $10 to start

Groundfloor offers the best of all worlds: short-term real estate investments with high-yield returns and a low minimum investment of $10.

Why Become a Real Estate Investor with Groundfloor?

It’s simple. Groundfloor offers debit investments to accredited, non-accredited, and international investors. 


Our low minimums of just $10 allow anyone to start making high returns on private real estate, and our wide array of investing products make it perfect for passive investors who want to generate short-term gains without paying fees.


Each loan is baked by an underlying project(s) to help mitigate risk while still providing attractive yields (8%–15%) to help you build wealth over time. Our loan-grading system ranges from A–G loans, with A loans having potentially lower risks and G loans potentially having higher risks.


With recurring real estate and short-term loan investments, your portfolio can become better diversified and generate passive income in as little as 12 months. Take charge of your investments and expand your portfolio beyond the traditional stock market with Groundfloor. Join 250K+ clients who are elevating their earning potential with our 10% historic returns.

Why Invest With Groundfloor

Steady Cash Flow

Groundfloor offers an innovative way for anyone to increase their monthly passive income. With fractional investments and quick returns, it's easier than ever to help create a profitable portfolio that pays out within months.​

10% Historic Returns​

For over a decade, we've averaged a historic 10% annual returns for our investors. Get in on the action with a minimal investment of just $10. With a few clicks, you can build a thriving portfolio with hassle-free investing. ​

Long-Term Security

Our award-winning platform offers high returns on long-term investments. Our historic 10% annual yields allow investors to build their wealth and make informed decisions about their finances over time.​

Designed for Everyone

Real estate investing is a great way to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, investing in real estate can help you achieve your financial goals and grow your wealth.

Our platform offers LROs, or Limited Resource Obligations, to everyone. These are a debt security that’s SEC-qualified and backed by a real estate asset, offering less risk than other types of investing.

Looking to add some variety to your investment portfolio? Groundfloor Notes might just be the perfect solution! Boasting yields that easily surpass the rates of Treasury Bills, this investment opportunity provides a smart way to diversify your assets while enjoying short-term stability.

Get tax-advantaged returns on your retirement savings with Self-Directed IRAs. Enjoy 7%–14% expected returns with traditional, ROTH, SEP, Simple, and rollover IRAs. All IRA fees are waived now through December 2024.