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Introducing Full Stack Financing

Fund your next project with 100% financing with a loan and down payment investment, all on Groundfloor. As a leading real estate investment platform and lender, Groundfloor empowers experienced professionals to build and invest with no up-front capital requirements. 


Instead of working with an external investor or lender to fund your loan’s down payment, finance your full capital stack on a single platform. Down payment investments are structured as junior loans at competitive rates or as equity capital with profit sharing upon sale.

Scale your real estate portfolio

Partnering with Groundfloor reduces or eliminates the down payment for your next construction or fix & flip loan. With lower up-front capital requirements, experienced professionals can scale their real estate portfolio to diversify, de-risk, and augment their returns across more projects.

Financing with Groundfloor

Full stack Financing faq

How does Groundfloor finance down payments?

In addition to funding fix & flip and construction loans, Groundfloor offers financing for loan down payments to experienced professionals. Down payments are financed either through a second junior loan alongside the first, or as equity capital through which Groundfloor invests as a co-owner.

What is a junior loan?

A loan is considered to be junior if it is subordinate to a senior loan. When a property is sold or refinanced, senior loans are repaid first, and junior loans are repaid from the remaining proceeds. Because senior loans hold first claim to repayments, junior loans are considered riskier for lenders and investors.

What is equity capital?

Equity capital is not a loan, but a direct investment into the property as a co-owner. Equity capital does not have an interest rate, but a profit share agreement through which Groundfloor is entitled to a portion of sales proceeds after loan repayments and closing costs.

How much does down payment financing cost?

The cost of a fix & flip or construction loan with down payment financing is equivalent to interest rates from 13% to 18%. Interest rates for junior loans range from 18% to 20%, and profit sharing for equity capital ranges from 15% to 50%.

Why is down payment financing more expensive than a normal loan?

Because fix & flip and construction loans must be repaid before down payment investments, junior loans and equity capital hold greater risk of default and loss. If a down payment is entirely financed, Groundfloor bears the full financial risk of a project. The higher cost of down payment financing is reflective of the greater risk borne by junior loans and equity capital.

Can I finance a portion of my down payment?

Yes, eligible professionals may finance a portion or the entire down payment on Groundfloor.

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