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Breaking into real estate investing is easier and more accessible than ever with Groundfloor. It’s just $10 to start, and funds are automatically diversified as soon as they hit your account for true set-it-and-forget-it investing.

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With Groundfloor's mobile app, real estate investing has never been more accessible. Earn an average of 10%* annual returns on your investments.

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All it takes is $10 to start investing on Groundfloor to start seeing an average 10%* annual returns. Your funds will then be automatically invested and diversified across a wide array of available properties.


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No more picking and choosing individual investments. When you transfer money, you are automatically invested across all available real estate investments, reducing your risk and increasing your odds of high returns.

Minimized Risk

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Groundfloor has a proven historical track record of consistent 10%* returns to our investors. You can expect to see your first repayment by month 1,  real cash flow by month 3, and passive income by month 12.

Based on Groundfloor customers using automatic investing between 3/15/23 – 12/31/23.

Less Volatility​

Minimized Risk

With Groundfloor

Groundfloor investments are qualified for public sale and backed by real estate.  These investment opportunities represent a multitude of different real estate projects that span across geographies, rates of return, and maturities.


Groundfloor Auto Investor is a mobile app powered by an innovative REIT. Click here for more details.