Groundfloor Named to 2024 Forbes Fintech 50 as “The Future of Real Estate”

Your Passive Income Machine

Get financially fit with Groundfloor’s historic 10% returns.* Elevate your earning potential with high-yield, short-term investments backed by real estate.


No heavy lifting. No fees. Just heavy returns. 


Build Your Future On Solid Ground


High-yield, short-term real estate debt investment opportunities qualified for public sale

Publicly issued, non-traded debt collateralized and secured by underlying real estate assets

Self-Directed IRAs that allow you to benefit from high returns while saving for retirement with the tax benefits of an IRA

With historical return rates at 10%, Groundfloor provides you a low-barrier-to-entry, easy path to diversification and puts you in a first lien position.

Don’t let stock market volatility hold you back from investing. Real estate investing is a historically stable asset class and not impacted by geopolitical views and corporate earnings reports.

Accredited and non-accredited investors can join Groundfloor. With lower minimums, shorter terms, and no fund lock-ups or manager-controlled payouts, Groundfloor optimizes your alternative investments.

Data as of July 2023. Sources: Investopedia; Macrotrends; Bankrate.


Whether you're looking for the ease of a savings account, high-yield returns with less risk, or funding your next fix-and-flip project; Groundfloor has the product for you.


Interested in real returns with short term liquidity? Notes offer 5% – 10%+ interest with set repayment dates.

Up to 200x the interest of banks

Withdraw or reinvest when repaid

Free to use: no fees, no max balance


Looking to grow your portfolio through real estate? Diversify with as little as $10 per investment.

10% average annual returns

No fees to invest, no max balance

Generate consistent cash flow


Put our loans to work for you.

True deferred payments: nothing due until the loan repays

High-leverage options for

experienced borrowers

No minimum experience required

The Preferred Private Money Lender for Real Estate Professionals

No one knows your local real estate market better than a local lender, and getting the right loan for your project can take your real estate investing business to the next level. Groundfloor a premier private lender is here to help.

The Groundfloor Advantage

Download The Groundfloor App

One-Click, Easy Investing with the Groundfloor app

With Groundfloor's mobile app, real estate investing has never been more accessible. Earn an average of 10% annual returns on your investments, without ever paying a dime in fees.


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