Introducing Notes! Now available for accredited and non-accredited investors.

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Helping everyday people build with real estate.
Groundfloor offers fractionalized real estate investments. Groundfloor is available to all investors, not just accredited investors.

Through our platform and app, Groundfloor has historical returns of consistent 10%*

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Whether you're looking for easy access with a great rate, high yield returns with no risk, or funding your next fix-and-flip project; Groundfloor has a product for you.

SEC Qualified Real Estate Debt Investments offering high yield and
short-term investment opportunities.
Publicly issued, non-traded debt collateralized and secured by underlying real estate assets.
Self-Directed IRAs allow you to benefit from high returns while saving for retirement with the tax benefits of an IRA.

What happens when you combine saving + investing 


You know you should be planning for the future. But savings accounts suck and investing can be scary. Our products offer the easy access of a savings account with the real returns of investing-we call it Savesting.
With historical return rates at 10%, Groundfloor provides you a low barrier to entry, easy path to diversification and puts you in a first lien position.

Don’t let market volatility hold you back from investing. Real estate investing is a historically stable asset class and not impacted by geopolitical views and corporate earnings reports.

Accredited and non-accredited investors can join Groundfloor. With lower minimums, shorter terms, and no fund lock-ups or manager-controlled payouts, Groundfloor optimizes your alternative investments.

Data as of July 2023. Sources: Investopedia; Macrotrends; Bankrate.


Whether you're looking for the ease of a savings account, high-yield returns with less risk, or funding your next fix-and-flip project; Groundfloor has the product for you.


Interested in real returns with short term liquidity? Notes offers 5% – 10%+ interest with set repayment dates.
Up to 200x the interest of banks
Withdraw or reinvest when repaid
Free to use: no fees, no maximum balance


Looking to grow your portfolio through real estate? Diversify with as little as $10 per investment.


Earn 10% average annual returns

Pay no fees to invest

Generate consistent cash flow

No maximum balance


Do you have a passion for fix and flip projects? Put our loans to work for you. 


True deferred payments – nothing due until the loan repays

High leverage options for experienced borrowers

No minimum experience required

The Preferred Private Money Lender for Real Estate Professionals

No one knows your local real estate market better than a local lender, and getting the right loan for your project can take your real estate investing business to the next level. Groundfloor a premier private lender is here to help.

The Groundfloor Advantage


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Whether you're looking for the ease of a savings account, high-yield returns with less risk, or funding your next fix-and-flip project; Groundfloor has the product for you.

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