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Welcome to Groundfloor 3.0 – a new and automated way to invest in real estate. Expanding on our highly-awarded investment technology platform, with over $1 billion in investments, we are pleased to introduce our third-generation investing platform, the “Auto Investor Account.” Leveraging a decade of insights from over 230,000 passionate investors, this new Auto Investor Account presents an unparalleled investing experience customized to cater to the demands of the mass market.

meet your new Auto Investor Account

WHy Invest with groundfloor

With Groundfloor’s mobile app, real estate investing has never been easier, and more accessible. With just $100 to get started, you can begin investing in qualified properties, earn an average of 10% annual returns and begin seeing cash flow in as little as 3 months.   

With our 3rd generation investing app, your investments are automatically diversified across a wide array of available properties, aimed at minimizing risk while optimizing your investment for maximum returns within a short time period. 

Create your account, begin investing and track your investments in just a few clicks. 

This is your real estate investing easy button.


When many investment companies over promise and under-deliver, Groundfloor has a proven  historical track record of consistent 10% returns to our investors. With your new Auto Investor Account, you can expect to see your first repayment by month 1; expect to see real cash flow by month 3, and true passive income by month 12.



Automatic investing and automatic diversification is a key feature for our new investing platform. No more picking and choosing your individual investments. The Groundfloor algorithm uses the funds in your account and automatically invests on your behalf, reducing your risk and increasing your odds of high returns. Don’t leave your growth, and returns to chance. Let Groundfloor optimize and diversify your portfolio. Investing with confidence is what investing with Groundfloor is all about.


Groundfloor investments are qualified for public sale and backed by real assets in the form of real estate. With our new Auto Investor Account, you no longer have to worry about picking and choosing your investments, and worry about making the right decision. Your investments are automatically made across all available loans at that given time, balancing your investment across geographies, contractual rates and terms from a multitude of entrepreneurs in the real estate space. This investment methodologies ensures your best path to minimize risk, and increase your investment returns.